A Time to Sow and a Time to Reap

Seasons like this confirm God’s sovereignty in our lives and ministry! This fall has brought along completely unexpected opportunities that we are excited to share with you!

During the week Croatian students were heading back to school, we received a phone call inviting us to come to the high-school in Orahovica and be guest English teachers. They asked us to teach 2 classes a month for each of the eight high-school classes –making a total of 16 hours each month until Christmas.

If you remember, two years ago we were in the same high-school offering after- school English workshops for those who wanted to stay and practice their English. Though it has been nearly two years, they remembered what we had done and wanted us to supplement the current English program with the same sort of English activities we did back then.

Having more experience now, in addition to already knowing several of the students through baseball has opened more doors than we imagined.

In many ways we feel like we are reaping from our work at the beginning of our time in Orahovica. At the same time we know this is just the beginning of our efforts to plant seeds.

Our goal in teaching English is to be a positive presence in the high-school as we try to touch upon values we believe can be influential in the teenager’s lives.

For example, during one of Petra’s classes she talked about goals and how important it is for us to be thinking about our future. If you are to ask most high-schoolers what they want to do in life, they wouldn’t be able to tell you. Our desire is to demonstrate the importance of hope and vision in each of their individual lives.

Praise the Lord for his provision. We feel like this has been one of many open doors we’ve been able to take advantage of since our ministry here began a couple years ago. Please pray that we will continue to see fruit from our work in the Orahovica High School.


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