A Special Bunch

“I have everything you have—a strong education, good friends and time to have fun.  But you still have something I don’t.  I wish I had what you have.”

Soon after we returned from the States we had a conversation with Sara over dinner.  She told us about how a friend of her’s recently made this comment to her.  
Sara enjoyed being in the U.S. for the first time this Christmas

Sara is the only high school teenager in our church. She’s been a huge help in developing our Senior High Youth group.  And the comment one of her friends made to her only helped confirm our focus on unchurched teenagers. 

Our purpose in ministry here in Orahovica is to be a bridge between the church and the community.  That’s why our baseball club and English classes are so important to our ministry.  As it turns out, our youth group is made up entirely of teenagers we’ve met through those ministries or have come through Sara’s invitation. 
The Sr. High group enjoying an American breakfast with us. 

But more than half of our group, including Sara, will be graduating from High School in June.  We’re proud of them, but will certainly miss them as they head off to college.  Please pray that the Lord would continue to work in the heart of these teenagers now, as we still have time with them, and later when they go on to college. 

We do have much to rejoice in though, including the fact that we have been invited back to the High School to supplement English classes with our workshops during school hours.  What that means is that we are in contact with almost every high schooler in Orahovica and in the surrounding villages.  Praise God for this opportunity!

The Junior High youth group continues to develop as well.  For a long time we’ve only had girls attend.  Soon after Petra began praying for more boys, one of the boys we met through baseball began coming to our house regularly for youth group.  Petra’s able to have great, candid conversations with this group.  Our prayer for these two groups is that the seeds that are planted now will bear fruit in their lives.  Thank you for your partnership in prayer for our youth.   

We're Expecting!

That’s right, Baby Bohall number 3 is on the way!  We found out right before we left the States in January and eagerly await the birth of our 3rd child in September.