A Snapshot of Summer

So far, this summer has seen periods of craziness, but also times of rest.  Here's a look at our summer to this point.

In early June we celebrated the graduation of our Senior Highers.  Petra prepared a five-course dinner for them, then shared briefly about our faith and our prayer for them as they continue on to college.  Graduates don't wear the caps we do in America so we surprised them after dinner with their own graduation caps. 

A few weekends later we took them bowling - many for the first time as a new bowling alley opened in our part of Croatia recently.  Some of the youth were jealous of Petra's bump!

In late June we celebrated our 6th anniversary with a weekend trip to Ljubljana - the capital of Slovenia.  We were blessed to have Petra's parents stay with the boys so we could go babymooning before number three arrives in September. 

As soon as we came back from Slovenia we spent a week or so on the Croatian coast with extended family.  Enoh continues to grow as his 3rd birthday is right around the corner...
but even just at one and-a-half, Ian's catching up quickly. 

We're thankful for the few weeks we had to unwind a bit before camps started. 

Camps began in July.  The first kids camp was a huge success:

Here are some things you can keep in prayer during the next 3 weeks (childrens, young adult, and teenage) of camp. 

1. This year 3 special needs people came to children's camp.  For the most part, mentally handicapped people don't attend school in Croatia, let alone public school.  Praise God for this opportunity!

2. Pray for the safety and health of the children who attend.  The first week of children's camp saw triple digit temperatures. Yet, no one got sick. Pray for continued health.

3. Pray for the leaders.  This year we have more new, inexperienced leaders joining the team.  Pray that the staff would be united and ready to serve. 

4.  Pray for all the campers who attend, that they would hear, understand and accept the gospel. 

Thank you for your partnership with us in ministry!

The Bohalls

First Baseball Game in Orahovica

On June 11th, our small town got to see their first baseball game ever! 
In mid-May, Jeremy met with a missionary in a city an hour away about the possibility of coordinating what would turn out to be the first game for both teams.  The day was a huge success.  Though Orahovica lost (9-7), it was a competitive and well attended event.  Three representatives of the Croatian Baseball League came from Zagreb to umpire, and explain the rules to the spectators while the game was in progress.  
Jeremy had the chance to coach, pitch and hit.

He also was able to have a great conversation with his assistant coach about Jesus after the game as they were packing up.  Please keep him in your prayers. 

We have a need!  Please consider how you may be able to help provide uniforms and catcher's equipment for our team.  At this point we are using the other team's catcher's gear and are just using t-shirts during the game.  But we have the potential to play other teams in Croatia and Serbia and would love to have real uniforms.  Please contact Jeremy at jeremy.bohall@gmail.com if you're interested in helping.