The Importance of Prayer

It's impossible to overestimate the importance of prayer in our lives. 

We often try to calculate various things in our ministry:  How many lives are we influencing and to what extent?  What aspects of ministry are most worth our time?  How much have our donors given this month? Sometimes we give too much weight to those sorts of questions.

But prayer is different in that it can't be calculated.  It is invaluable.  So when we tell you, our supporters, what our prayer needs are, and constantly ask for your prayers, we do so genuinely, knowing that prayer is the most important way you can support us. 

We’ve seen our ministry blossom because we have such strong prayer partners.  The Lord has directed our paths through your prayers.  What an incredible thing!
So please continue to keep us in your prayers - it's the most powerful way to be part of our ministry