Puppets and Packages 2009

Christmas season at "Betanija" church in Orahovica includes giving away thousands of Samaritan's Purse Christmas shoeboxes.  This year we put together a puppet show and a short presentation before distributing packages in each location.  We began in Đurđenovac where a new church plant began just a year and a half ago.  The church was filled to capacity 3 times.

Puppet team before the show in Đurđenovac
Distributing shoeboxes in Đurđenovac
We also had the opportunity to offer shoeboxes to the children in the elementary school where Petra and I teach English in Mikleuš.  Altogether our team traveled to six locations and gave out over 2,000 packages before Christmas - including the annual Christmas Eve celebration in our church in Orahovica. 

The amazing thing about Samaritan's Purse shoeboxes is that they not only provide a Christmas present for children who may not otherwise receive one - they also provide an opportunity for us to meet people in the community who wouldn't normally come to church. 

This is the last year Croatia will receive shoebox packages from Samaritan's Purse.  Though we won't be able to give away as many packages, we are hoping the Samaritan's Purse model will provide a good example of what we can do for our own community in the future.  Praise the Lord for the opportunity we've had to share the gospel through these presentations.  Please pray for those who have heard the Good News!


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