Camps 2009

For Petra, the summer means camp. Camp has been the highlight of her summers for the last 14 years and this year was no different. The board Petra serves on organized a children’s camp, teen camp and youth conference. Since the building in Orahovica is still under reconstruction, camps and the conference were once again held at the seminary in Osijek. Children's camp was attended by over 100 kids from all over Croatia, many of them from outside the church. What made this year's children's camp extra special is that for the first time since the war, we did not use a translated children's program. Instead, our team wrote a program ourselves entitled 'Knights and Princesses of King Jesus'. It was a lot of work but we are very proud and already have plans to create a new program for next year as well.

Teen camp was attended by close to 100 teenagers and the theme was friendship. It was exciting to see that many of the teens who attended camp made the decision to be baptized in September, including one of our high-schoolers from Orahovica – Sara V.

The youth conference theme was 'My Place on the Mountain'. We heard about pursuing God's calling in various areas of work such an politics, education, social work, media. etc. Youth camps have been very poorly attended since our temporary move to Osijek and the hope for this conference was to once again start breathing life back into it. We feel like it did just that and it was wonderful to see young people from both Slovenia and Bosnia and Hercegovina attend as well. It is our hope that we can continue to see more and more people from other countries of the former Yugoslavia attending these kinds of events. Thank you all for your prayer and support for these camps!

Youth Conference 2009


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