Great Expectations

This summer is a very special one for us.  Camps are returning to Orahovica!  Though the reconstruction is not 100% complete, camps will come back to Orahovica for the first time in five years.  What does this mean?  It means at least twice as many campers can attend and hear the gospel.  It means that camps no longer have to take place on pavement in a nearby city.  Rather, they will be in a small town near the lake where the first ever Christian camp was founded in the former-Yugoslavia more than 30 years ago.  It also means that there's a lot to do before camps start on July 5th. 

That's why last weekend - a holiday weekend in Croatia - many of the camp leaders gathered in Orahovica for a work weekend to prepare the building for camps.  Over 100 mattresses, some of which haven't been used for 5 years, were cleaned.  Bunkbeds, which have been stuck in storage had to be put together.  Sheets were washed, pillows counted, windows scrubbed, furniture moved, and floors swept. 

Petra, who couldn't be more excited, had the privilege of organizing and delegating.  It's a gift she's been given by the Lord and knows how use well.  Jeremy, on the other hand, got to stay with the boys the whole time - something he will have to practice as Petra will be primarily working at camp come July.  Fortunately we live 10 minutes from the church so the 3 Bohall boys can enjoy watching the others work. 

How can you be involved?  Please pray:
1. For the camp leaders, that God would give them wisdom, strength and refreshment before camps begin.
2. For the campers, that God will prepare their hearts for what's in store.
3. For the completion of the building project.  The Lord has provided in so many amazing ways so far.  Even though the kitchen has not been completed yet, an alternative has been found and meals will not be a problem during camp. 
Please let us know if you would like any more information about camps!

The Bohalls