Love and Marriage

We often pray that God gives us discernment and guidance as we try to figure out what parts of our ministry to let go of and what possible new things He wants us to be involved in. One of our biggest prayers is that no part of our work ever exists because of tradition or because of our own desire or need for it. We aim to work in accordance to His will.

Family and marriage ministry is not something either of us really considered much when we first started working here but God has really been leading us and it is increasingly becoming a bigger part of our work. As we mentioned in previous newsletters, we began a couples small group. We are now privileged to be just one of the almost 30 small groups that meet all over Croatia in affiliation with the organization ‘Family Life’. The Croatian ‘Family Life’ team has been a huge help and blessing to our marriage and family ministries. Together we were able to organize a one-day marriage seminar in October that 17 couples attended. The response was so positive that we have decided to make the seminar an annual event.

That same team from “Family Life’ helped us this summer as we took over leadership of the family camp in Orahovica. We are so grateful that although we had never even attended that camp, God gave us an amazing support team and the camp was a blessing to all who attended! It makes perfect sense that in this season of our life, God would have us focus on marriage and family ministry - it iswonderful to know that as we lead and serve in this area, God uses this work to mold and shape our marriage and family as well.