Anticipating our Return

Even with all the activity (see previous post), we miss Croatia! We're looking forward to getting back to our home church, our friends and life in general.

As we anticipate our trip back in January, our biggest need is a vehicle. With number four on the way in the spring, we're hoping to purchase a mini-van soon after we arrive. Croatia's entrance into the EU may make it less expensive to bring in a car from the U.S. (where the price of mini-vans is approximately half the price of those in Croatia). We probably won't know until January though. Either way, there will be several hurdles to cross. Your prayers would be greatly appreciated!

Here are a few additional things you can pray for:
  • Jeremy’s continued focus on his studies, especially as the semester comes to an end on December 18th. 
  • Our church back home in Orahovica.
  • God’s direction and wisdom as we evaluate the future of our various ministries.
  • God opening new doors for new ministries when we go back home.
  • New ministry partners here in the states.
  • More opportunities to share about our work in Orahovica.

If you are one of our prayer partners, thank you! We would appreciate hearing from you. Email us at