The Great Foundation; a reminder and an update

The Great Commission has a Great Foundation: “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me..." (Matthew 28:18)

Though we are back in the States for 3 months, the call to join with disciples from all nations in endeavoring to make disciples of all nations does not stop.  In fact, as we mentioned in the previous post, one of our goals while we're here is to keep you involved in what the Lord is doing through our ministry in Croatia. 

That's why it's important for us to be reminded of the foundation of our call to go.  Yes, Jesus urged his disciples to go, just as the Lord urged Abraham to go generations before.  But simply going won't get us anywhere - at least when it comes to disciple making. 

We obey the call to make disciples because Jesus has the authority to send us.  He lived the perfect life of word and deed.  He was sinless yet paid the price of sin.  He displayed his power through love. 

So as we continue to answer the Lord's call on our lives we encourage you to remember the foundation of missions - The Lord's authority and power.  That is the groundwork for our obedience, which rejoices in the promise "behold I am with you always, to the end of the age." 

And it's in that spirit that we rejoice in how the Lord has answered our prayers.  In our last post we urged you to pray with us.  Thank you!  Here is how the Lord has answered those prayers so far:

- Regarding our travel.  The flights went better than we could've imagined.  Enoh and Ian did very well traveling and adjusting to the new time zone.  The whole process was smooth and safe.

- Regarding our fund-raising efforts.  We have had the opportunity to speak in one of our supporting churches, and have received a report from another that our support will be increasing.  We have also received a large one-time gift.  Please continue to partner in prayer with us as we endeavor to increase our monthly support.

- Regarding our ministry.  Sara has joyfully filled us in on what has happened in the Junior High youth group.  She is getting valuable experience in ministry and being a godly mentor to her younger peers.  Thank the Lord for her.

- Regarding connecting with family and friends.  Because of the fact that Petra's and Jeremy's parents live within an hour and a half from each other, the boys have had ample time with both sets of grandparents.  We've also spent valuable time with friends we haven't seen in some time. 

The Lord has provided and will continue to provide.  Great is His faithfulness!

Thank you for staying informed.

In Christ,

Jeremy and Petra Bohall