Camps Return to Orahovica

As you know, camps are one of the highlights of our year. They are where Petra first felt her call to Croatia and it was the place we began our ministry when we moved here in 2005. As it turned out, due to reconstruction, that was the last year camps took place in Orahovica before they returned this summer.

What a reunion it was! We went back to 4 weeks of camp—2 kids camps, a teenage camp and a young-adult (18-35 years old) camp. Altogether, over 300 campers and leaders participated in camps. Though the building is not 100% complete, the logistical side of camp ran smoothly. Even more importantly, the Lord worked in the hearts of many campers each week.

As soon as it became clear that camps would be in Orahovica, we made the decision that Petra would be a leader and administrator during the two kids and teenage camps, while Jeremy stayed home with the boys. We reveresed roles for young-adult camp.

We are encouraged to see new campers every year. One of the most exciting things is that since many are not from Christian homes, camp is a way for them to hear the gospel in a way they’ve never heard it before. Also, we are excited that our teams of leaders are growing and maturing. We love seeing new young leaders because of the energy and passion they bring to the program and atmosphere of the camp.