Camp Week 2: Children's Camp

We are in the second week of Children's Camp.  The one major difference between this kid's camp and the last is that this is for ages 10-12.  Other than that, the all of the bullet points in the previous post remain the same. 

Please pray with us for the following:
  •  One boy who was sent home at the beginning of the week.  Pray that the Lord would use a conversation he had or something he heard during his time at camp to penetrate his heart.  Pray also for his family situation.
  • That the seeds that have been planted this week would grow and blossom.
  • That the Lord would continue to renew the leaders' strength throughout the rest of this week.
Two of the leaders of this week's camp - a couple - traveled by train from Split, Croatia - a 14 hour train ride.  Remember, leaders are not paid for working at these camps.  Many of the volunteers give up their vacation time in order to be here.  In the case of the two from Split, they brought 15 kids with them during the overnight train ride. 

The sacrifice many of the leaders make in order to be part of camps in Orahovica is tremendous.  We've seen the Lord bless these efforts to produce fruit.  Thank you for your prayers for these camps.


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