Camp Week 1: Children's Camp

Camps are back!  It's been 5 years and a lot of reconstruction since camps were last in Orahovica, but they are finally underway.  As a way of helping you get a better idea of what camps are like, how we are involved and how you can pray, we will be updating this site once a week with details about each camp. 

Camp Week 1: Children's Camp
- July 5th through the 10th
- Ages 6 through 9 - the requirement is that each child has finished first grade and are able to read and write.
- The price of camp is $40.
- This year, more than others, fewer people were able to pay the registration fee.  The camp policy is to accept everyone and usually outside donations help to cover the cost of paying for the kids who can't.  This year we were in the minus to start camps, but during the second day of camp someone donated money to pay for 16 kids who were unable to which turned out to be the exact amount needed to erase the deficit.  Praise the Lord!
- Please pray: 
  1. That the Lord would work in the hearts of each child who attends.
  2. For safety during  the entire 4 weeks of camp.
  3. That the Lord would give the leaders strength, wisdom and guidance.


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