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We're moving to Zagreb!

In May we accepted an invitation to work with an evangelical church in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia. We will be working with a young, vibrant evangelical church whose pastor we’ve known for more than ten years. This is an exciting opportunity for our family!

Zagreb, Croatia
Moving to the capital is significant for our kingdom work: Zagreb is Croatia’s leading city,  a place where lots of young people go to college and begin their careers. A prominent leader recently said, “Where the people go, the gospel needs to go.” We are honored to serve alongside a pastor whose vision we share while filling a need for full-time workers.

  • Jeremy’s role: Teaching Bible studies. Leading the national scout ministry he began three years ago. Preaching occasionally and teaching English.
  • Petra’s focus: Preparing the kids for their new school and preschool situations. Transitioning our family to city life. As things stabilize she will also take on ministry work.
  • Enoh and Ian: 2nd and 1st grade students respectively. Deepening friendships with Zagreb friends and exploring numerous extra-curricular options.
  • Emily and David: Discovering new play places.

This move will impact our financial situation. The transition from country to city-life means that our expenses will increase. Our estimate based on current economic data is that the cost of living is 20% more than in Orahovica.  We’re looking to increase our monthly support by $500. We ask you to join us in prayer for the Lord to provide.

The backstory: During our recent sabbatical that included prayer and numerous conversations with trusted advisers, we felt the Lord preparing us for a change. We received biblical guidance as we sought the Lord’s direction for our lives and ministry.

In March we began a transition from the church in Orahovica we served with for eight years. There we had plenty of freedom to discover and grow in the gifts God gave us. This was an invaluable part of our lives, so we are leaving with bittersweet feelings.

The sabbatical and transition season has been both challenging and beneficial. We’ve had the chance to breathe, spend more time in prayer, read and build relationships. We’ve also had to redefine ministry goals, church roles and lead our family into unanticipated change. We trust that the Lord will finish the good work he began.

Prayer requests:
  • For peace, wisdom and guidance as we move and begin life in the city.
  • That the Lord will provide for our increased financial needs.
  • That we become, collectively, a benefit and blessing to our new local church. One of the attractive things about the invitation to this church was that it fit both the church’s needs and Jeremy’s strengths.
  • For our children. Enoh had a great teacher and school situation in Orahovica. This move will be hardest on him. Pray for his teacher and friends in Zagreb. Ian will be starting first grade in a new city. Pray for his teacher and friends as well.

We thank you for your partnership with us in making disciples of Jesus Christ in Croatia. Please let us know if you have additional questions.

Your partners in Christ,

Jeremy, Petra, Enoh, Ian, Emily and David Bohall


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