March and April in Color

In an effort to keep it simple, yet informative we'll summarize the last two months in a few pictures and several words:
On March 19-21 we had the privilege of driving to Vac, Hungary to take part in our first CEO gathering.  (If you're unfamiliar with CEO, please scroll down!)  We had a very enriching weekend interacting with other believers who have many of the same goals and passions as we do - but for different parts of Eastern Europe.  Since then, we've established a relationship with Tom Foley (far right) in which he has begun encouraging and mentoring us.  The move to CEO has been a huge blessing!
This is a team from EuroMission Norway who came down during the week before Easter to do a series of concerts in Orahovica and surrounding towns.  They helped us establish numerous contacts, and even more importantly showed a passion for living out their faith which many youth here have not witnessed among fellow teenagers. 
The 6th - 9th of April was the beginning of baseball season in Orahovica.  We had an excellent training camp in which new children attended and we began each session with a short Scripture reading.  Excitement for baseball in Orahovica is growing and we'll have more exciting news to share on that front soon!  If you are interested in making a contribution specifically for our baseball team, we are in need of several pieces of equipment - especially catcher's gear.  Contact Jeremy if you are interested.
Every Friday evening our junior-highers come over for a Bible-Study, discussion and games.  Petra has connected with this group in a very special way.  Often, when events like Euromission happen, there's no follow-up.  But we're in a situation where we can continue to encourage, and disciple those who made decisions to follow Christ. 

Thank you for your continued support for the Bohall Ministry.  If there's a way we can keep you better informed, please let us know!


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