A Chance to be Involved

Our trip to the States is rapidly approaching.  As we anticipate traveling on October 25th, we invite you to pray specifically for the following:

- The travel from door-to-door - about 18 hours in all - that the Lord would cover the four of us with peace and safety.  Pray for patience as we find creative ways to keep the boys content on the two flights.  Pray also for Enoh and Ian as they adjust to a new time zone, new surroundings and the busyness that awaits us as we hit the ground running.

- Our fund-raising efforts.  We have determined that we need to raise our support by approximately $400 a month.  The Lord has been faithful thus far in our ministry and we are confident He will continue to provide for our needs.

- The ministry we are leaving behind for 3 months.  Pray for Sara - an 18 year old who is contagiously passionate about Jesus - as she takes over the Junior High youth group.  Pray also for the boys who have been coming regularly to guitar lessons, that the Lord would continue to work in their hearts.  Finally, pray for Betanija church that God would continue to strengthen and renew our pastor and the congregation.

- Jeremy as he studies.  He will be taking two classes in order to prepare for a Master's Degree at the Evangelical Theological Seminary in Croatia.

- The relationships we renew.  The latest methods of communication via internet are nice, but nothing beats face-to-face fellowship.  Pray that our time with relatives and friends is mutually encouraging.

Thank you!  Prayer is by far the most important way in which you can be involved in our ministry.  Please let us know if we can better inform you.

In Christ,

Jeremy, Petra, Enoh and Ian

Fall Plans

With a very busy summer behind us, we've settled into our normal routine.  Petra's leading two youth groups and teaching Christian Education on the weekends, while Jeremy continues teaching English in a local elementary school and preaching occassionally.

Jeremy also has a new opportunity this fall as he and a friend from Orahovica are offering guitar and drum lessons for up to 8 boys from the town. They've been meeting 3 times a week and it's proven to be a welcome challenge for the boys who are looking for something constructive to do.

Just this week, we had a team from EuroMission Norway visit again.  Several of the members have shared some of what they know with the boys.  It's great to see non-believers from Orahovica connect with teenagers who are passionate about their faith. 

Finally, we’re excited about an extended 3 month trip to the States from late October until the end of January.  Our plans are to meet with supporters, spend time with family and friends and Jeremy will be taking a couple courses in preparation for his Masters Degree.  We’re looking forward to seeing many of you.  Keep your eyes open for an invitation to the “Hvala” (Thank you) party!